Since Instagram has not released an API that allows third party applications such as Socialtap to schedule updates (and don’t plan to), it’s proving very difficult for businesses to take advantage of this extremely engaging social network.

Since posting to Instagram manually is a time-consuming process, we have developed a workaround that lets you plan your posts, monitor streams and check analytics. Our Instagram automation tools allow you to like relevant photos in your niche and follow their creators throughout the day easily too.

In case you aren’t aware of this social media network, we have written an article on how to use Instagram for business. If you are more savvy and are looking to improve your social strategy, we also have a list of seven handy tips for Instagram.


How to schedule posts to Instagram with Sendible – Instagram post

The Sendible Instagram Posting service allows you to schedule your Instagram updates in advance, add Instagram images to a queue to be posted at an optimal time, or send updates to Instagram at the same time that you update Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and your other social network accounts – saving you the hassle of needing to update Instagram separately. To help guide you through this, we have created a step by step guide on how to schedule Instagram posts with Socialtap

As mentioned above, Instagram doesn’t allow third party apps to publish on your behalf (and it doesn’t seem likely that they ever will). Instead of your scheduled posts being published directly, you will receive an email from Sendible with the picture attached at the scheduled time. This makes it easy for you or members of your team to update your Instagram account directly from your phone at the right time.

Composing messages to multiple networks is easy via Sendible.

It’s possible to post the same message to multiple social media networks, including Instagram.


Managing streams

After adding the Instagram service, you’ll be able to locate your Instagram stream next to other streams in the Engage section of the dashboard. You can use the stream to manage comments and like photos. This stream will allow you to view all of your posts and reply to comments. From here, you can also repost your Instagram posts to other social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Access all profile information by clicking on Instagram usernames

Access all information you need by clicking on usernames in your Instagram Stream. This includes the bio, stream (of the user with images and comments), their followers and following.


If you are not already monitoring trending and industry relevant hashtags on Instagram, you may be missing out on many opportunities to extend the reach of your brand and engagement. Similar to Twitter, you can first track the hashtag for your own brand name and other campaign specific hashtags.

Setting up the Instagram Search service lets you search for posts and monitor a particular hashtag within Instagram. If you already have a brand or keyword monitoring service set up, Socialtap will search through Instagram news feeds for relevant matches.

Keyword monitoring made possible with in-built hashtag search

Monitor your hashtag of choice directly in Socialtap. Make sure to add your #brand and one for your #industry.


Instagram Analytics – Report Builder modules

Socialtap allows you to create custom reports using data retrieved from your Instagram account. Analyzing your marketing efforts is increasingly important, especially for the sake of proving the ROI of your activities. Our reporting modules can give you insight into how well your content is performing and whether your follower base is growing. Some of the reports include Followers over time, Following over time, Photos and Comments.

Instagram reporting modules are available in the Report Builder section under Measure.

Access Instagram data with our custom report builder modules to measure your success on this social media channel.


(NEW!) Instagram automation features – Instagram App

Socialtap's new Instagram automation tools enable you to grow your audience and improve brand awareness while you sleep by automating some of the most time consuming tasks that are crucial to a successful Instagram campaign. It helps you regularly like relevant photos in your niche, follow Instagram users who are posting those photos and also helps you keep your profile clean by unfollowing Instagram users who do not follow you back.



We would love to hear what you think of this feature. At Socialtap, we’re constantly striving to make our users’ lives easier so, if you have any ideas for enhancements/improvements to the Sendible dashboard, please leave them in the comments. We read each and every one of them!

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