1. Go to http://Social-tap.com and click the "Login" menu button. 

  2. Login to your account with your username/email and password that you setup when you registered.

3. Click on the "Setup wizard" at the top right hand corner of the Socialtap dashboard. see image below.

4. Choose  "Add Services" from the 3 options.

5. Select the "Service" you want added.

6. Click "SETUP" for type of Facebook service you want added to Socialtap.  Repeat step for each service you want added.

7. Login to your facebook account. *(if you login to your account on a different tab in your browser before you run the setup wizard, the setup wizard will proceed straight to step 8 - setup preferences box.)

8. Fill out the "Description" box and select the "account" you want added if more than one under your admin login.  Select the appropriate personal preferences to finish the addition and setup of account to your Socialtap dashboard. Be sure to click on "SAVE SETTINGS" at the very bottom of the box (sorry, it was cutoff in screenshot) to complete the addition.  

9. Too add more accounts that are not listed in the "Popular" or "Social" category, select from the list on the left hand menu bar.  see image below.

   Example: To add Pocket account, click on "Bookmarking" tab, then click the "ADD" button for Pocket.