We have found that Google+ Page does not always assign all the permissions which can lead to these error, so you will need to revoke the permissions and then reconnect the service that is not sending correctly

1. Please visit the Google app security page to revoke the Google+ permissions :https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions

2. Revoke access to your White Labelled Google+ App from Accessing Google+ Pages :(This example is based on the Sendible App) https://snd-store.s3.amazonaws.com/0/Macro/GooglePlusPageRevoke.png

3. Try to reconnect the Google+ Page again, do not delete and add as this will lose all the analytics data the service has been retrieving until now

3.1. Go to Services.

3.2. Select My Services.

3.3. Locate the Google+ service and select the Edit icon.

3.4. Select 'Reconnect to Google+'.

3.5. Select the Google+ User profile you wish to use, if the option is given

3.6. Click "Accept" when you see each of the following screens :


3.7. Click 'Update Account' so that your settings are saved.