Key factors that caused this spike

  • Publish time: I shared the post at 7:30AM Pacific time on a Sunday morning. TIP: Experiment with posting outside business hours.
  • Gap in posts: I usually post once a day, sometimes twice. This time, I hadn’t posted anything for three days (I was off the grid at an event and hadn’t pre-scheduled any posts). TIP: It may help boost your reach at times by leaving a bigger space between posts. It seems counter-intuitive, but give it a try! Fans don’t necessarily want to see content every day from business pages.
  • Short narrative: I often tend to be really verbose. But my fans are used to that. TIP: Mix up your post length; try long and short.
  • Photo post: Even though there is a link with the narrative, Facebook reads this as a photo post which tends to get greater news feed visibility over links. Although links are on the increase. Status updates without the link preview can get good reach, too. TIP: Publish a variety of post types. Try roughly 50% photos, 25% status updates and 25% links.
  • Hashtags: These may or may not make a difference, but I typically like to include 2-3.
  • No CTA (call to action): I’m normally a huge fan of always including a question or invitation to comment, click, like, share. But I don’t recommend doing so with every single post. TIP: Keep it simple. Trust that your fans will naturally want to share/engage with really good, relevant, timely content. This post has over 850 shares and counting.
  • Stay on topic: FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful. I rarely deviate from the topic of Facebook marketing (and other social media marketing) content on my page. I’ve tried in the past and my fans just do not engage as much. TIP: Go an inch wide and a mile deep with your subject expertise. Don’t try to be all things to all people.