Embrace pay-to-play

Up until around mid 2013, business users had a wonderful free ride on Facebook for about six years. Now, Facebook is definitely pay-to-play. Thing is, let’s compare getting into the news feed of more of your Facebook fans to getting on page one of Google.

If you were to set your sights on being among the TOP organic search results on Google for your best keywords, do you think that would cost you money to do so? Absolutely!

You’d need to hire an experienced SEO company and invest quite a bit of time to see results. Sure, you might get lucky and get instant indexing for a top keyword… but can you sustain that over time? Likely not. Good organic search engine results takes time…and money. It’s the same with good Facebook news feed visibility now. It takes time to find the right style, topics, cadence and interaction with your audience. You’ll pay to boost/promote some content and sometimes it can be hit or miss. Keep persisting, though.